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Senior School news

Lord Ashcroft (ON) delivers a reflective talk at Norwich School's Remembrance Service

11 November 2019

On Monday 11th November, the entire school gathered in Norwich Cathedral for the annual Remembrance Service to commemorate those who have given their lives in the defence of our country. Lord Ashcroft (a pupil at Norwich School six decades ago) was welcomed back to Cathedral Close, to address the congregation and tell the story of brothers Hugh and Derek Seagrim (also ONs of the school), who lost their lives in service.

"Norwich School should take great pride that two of its alumni have such a special place in history", he said. The school acknowledged the bravery of the brothers by naming one of its houses, Seagrim House. Lord Ashcroft commented that this was a "fitting way of remembering two men who can be described as the bravest of the brave." He concluded, "I hope on Armistice Day, on my return to my old school, there is some inspiration for you to appreciate in the quality of bravery and to champion courage in future, both in our armed forces and in everyday life."

In the rest of the service, among hymns and prayers, pupils gave readings and school musicians performed The Last Post. The Heads of each House read the names of members of their House who had died in war. 

Lord Ashcroft published an article about the Seagrim brothers' story in the Mail on Sunday (10th November 2019). Read the article here.

Images of the Remembrance Service are below:

11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019047.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019044.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019042.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019041.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019043.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019039.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019038.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019040.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019037.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019035.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019036.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019031.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019034.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019030.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019023.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019027.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019022.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019029.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019021.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019026.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019018.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019020.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019013.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019015.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019011.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019019.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019006.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019004.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019002.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019003.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019008.JPG
11th November_LordAshcroftVisit_HH_2019005.JPG