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Senior School news

L5 visit the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

28 January 2019

Norwich School pupils in L5 had a inspirational day at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on Thursday 24th January. Creative workshops were carried out with the gallery artist educators and the Art & Design staff at the Sainsbury Centre.

Pupils created large expressive drawings of human-animal hybrids inspired by the Elisabeth Frink Humans and Other Animals exhibition. Other work included figure and animal drawings from the Ken Kiff exhibition, combined with studies in response to the permanent collection of artefacts from around the world. The pupils also enjoyed the sculpture trail which provoked interesting responses.

The learning programme at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts said that they were: 'Really impressed with the imaginative and dynamic work produced!'

The trip was organised by Mrs Slade to enhance the L5 programme of study. Mrs Slade said: 'It was a fantastic day, thanks to Ms Squires, Mr Ollivier, Ms McDonald-Bell, Ms Coleman and Mr Bromley for all attending.'

Sketches by Saskia Williams.JPG
Sculpture trail.JPG
Group drawing task.JPG