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Senior School news

L5 pupil Grace Yeo develops reusable self-ventilating PPE helmet

19 May 2021

L5 pupil Grace Yeo has been working with her father to develop and prototype a reusable self-ventilating helmet to be used by medical staff in the fight against coronavirus.

Grace’s project started last year, inspired by the severe shortages of PPE during the start of the pandemic and also considering the severe detrimental environmental impact of binned disposal surgical masks. Alongside her father, Grace assisted in the research, development, prototyping and testing/validation process. The mask was tested by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital last year and the first subset batch of reusable self-ventilating helmets have now been sent to India, to help out at a local Christian hospice.

Grace and her family intend to continue to raise funds to produce more helmets and will also be sharing this Patent-pending invention with the locals to build their own, effectively patent waiving the process.