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Senior School news

L4 pupil Julian Pe fundraising for Myanmar in response to humanitarian crisis

21 April 2021

L4 pupil Julian Pe has been raising money for Brighter Future Foundation, who work to support healthcare and training in Myanmar.

Myanmar is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis following the military coup on the 1st February. Protests have broken out across the country and many people have been killed, arrested and displaced during the unrest. Humanitarian aid is desperately needed for those in great need of shelter, food and health care.

Julian’s family are from Myanmar and therefore it is a cause very close to their heart. Julian is fundraising via a Go Fund Me Page and has already raised over £2000 for charity. He is a keen musician and in addition to his online fundraising, he is also seeking to raise money by busking in Norwich City Centre at weekends by playing the violin.

You can support Julian by donating via his Go Fund Me page here: