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Knitters and Stitchers Are Taking The School By Storm!

18 October 2023

This term saw the launch of the Norwich School Knitters and Stitchers Club and it is becoming more and more popular by the week. Run by Hollie Williams-Goff and Gill Parsons and with the help of Lisa Batchelor, the club meets every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime and already has over 40 members. This term members have been using the club to learn or practise their crochet, knitting and cross-stitching, enjoying the social aspect of learning from one another or just working on their own projects in a relaxed inclusive environment. Now they are about to focus on a month of knitting to align with the Dementia UK fundraising challenge. Keep your eyes on the School’s socials to find out more! We also look forward to seeing a special Knitters and Stitchers line at the annual Charity Fashion Show as part of Gather 24. 

Read below for some thoughts from the pupils who have joined the club:

“I joined knitting club a day after I learned to knit and it has been amazing, I now teach some younger students to knit. The staff who run it are welcoming and friendly and it is such a nice environment to knit or crochet or whatever you want to do. I’m working on a scarf now, and when I finish I’d like to learn to crochet.”

"I joined knitters and stitchers on a whim because I wanted to try something new. Having never done knitting, crocheting or anything of the sort, the teachers were great and very helpful in teaching and guiding. The club convinced me to get my own crochet materials for use at home, but I also love sitting in a room able to practise with help available if needed. I can truly say I'm thoroughly enjoying the club and have no regrets about joining, and I look forward to getting good enough to be able to help and teach others."

-Oren Butler, U4

"I joined knitters and stitchers to work on my sewing and finally learn to crochet. So far, I've been crocheting a scarf and I'm really enjoying it- the environment is calm and friendly, and taking time out of the day to just relax and be creative is very therapeutic. In future sessions, I'm hoping to further my skills in order to make more intricate and difficult projects, in addition to possibly doing some crocheting for charity as well."

- Summer Nesbitt, L6

‘ Knitters and Stitches club has allowed me to build on my fibre art skills as well as it being a great opportunity to teach others something I’m so passionate about. The group has a welcoming atmosphere to people of all abilities and a supportive nature where we can help one another achieve our next goal - whether it’s making a single stitch or finishing an entire project! As a lower 6 pupil, beginning A levels can be challenging and having 2 sessions a week where me and my friends can unwind and be creative is a nice way to relax.’

- Hannah Thornley L6

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