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Senior School news

"How Are You Feeling?" Day Sees Upper 4 Pupils Learn About Mental Wellbeing

14 June 2019

Last week, Norwich School Upper 4 children spent a morning in Norwich Cathedral learning about the importance of mental wellbeing.

In a joint initiative with Norwich Cathedral Cannon Mission Pastoral, Norwich School pupils were given the opportunity to learn about how to cope with difficult emotions, and how to look after their mental health. The “How Are You Feeling?” day is a new event for this year and is set to become a regular inclusion in the U4 calendar. During the morning, pupils explored the emotions difficult events can generate, and how to handle their feelings and support others when they are struggling.

The aim of the day was to equip pupils with some of the tools needed to recognise their own mental wellbeing, and offered practical advice for what to do when they are feeling vulnerable. The school’s pastoral team, including Head of Pupil Welfare Georgie Valpied, Head of Fourth Form Cheryl Wood and  Integrated Curriculum Co-Ordinator Andry Fisher, have been working with the Reverend Andy Bryant who is Canon for Mission & Pastoral Care at Norwich Cathedral. Mental resilience for young people is increasingly more important, and the day was born from a recognition that early understanding of mental wellbeing for young people can help with navigating their futures.

Parents of U4 children were also invited to school for the evening before the event, where they were briefed with an outline of what the day would entail for pupils, and given advice for supporting their children’s wellbeing.

Feedback from pupils and parents was very positive, and there are plans for the Cathedral and Norwich School to offer the event for other schools in Norfolk in future.