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Senior School news

Great results for Norwich School Boat Club

14 March 2018

The Norwich School Boat Club attended two National events on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th. The Schools Head of the River on the Tideway, in London, on Monday and the Scullery Head held on the Olympic Rowing lake at Dorney on Tuesday. The performance of Tuesday was the J14 A Octopule team who won their event by 10 seconds! This is a first for the school. 

The Scullery Head on Tuesday saw the J16 s race in a quad to finish 7th, although if they had only been 5 seconds faster they would have been in the top two placings.

The J16 8+ team consisted of pupils Seb Clarke (cox) Mattie Sexton, John Elliott, Duncan Steel, Krisztian Erdodi, Michael Baker, Ethan Bacic, Joshua Gray, Edward Collinson.















The J15 boys swapped one oar for two and raced in J15 Octos, finishing in 2nd place. A very impressive performance.

The J15 girls quad were left wanting in 40th place in a very strong field of 60 crews.  Considering the small number of rowing sessions the girls have had due to other sporting commitments, the girls now know what they have to do in order to climb the placings.

The performance of the day was from the J14 Octopule, who went into the race quietly confident of a top 10 finish, but against 57 other boats it was going to be a tough ask.  Sculling well and chasing crews was the order of the day. Despite being held up by a Hampton School octo in front of them, the boys won the event by 10s! This is a first for the school and deserves huge recognition for an outstanding performance. 

The winning J14 A Octopule team were Toby Finch, Seb Gotto, Sonny Cooper, Jonathan Catmull, Cameron Tasker, Matthew Doyland, Raphael Sergent, Felix Arkle, Benjamin Tremelling.