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Senior School news

GCSE Results 2021

12 August 2021

Norwich School is delighted to announce strong GCSE results for 2021.  

The school does not intend to publish cumulative scores for the cohort this year. In the unique circumstances of this assessment cycle, the focus is rightly on individual pathways and there have been many outstanding performances, which open up exciting routes into the Sixth Form, taking in a wide range of linguistic, creative, literary, technological and scientific courses.

However, we should also like to take the opportunity to congratulate the cohort collectively as well as individually for what they have achieved in Upper 5. In challenging circumstances, there was a genuine feeling during the year of pupils looking out for each other and we have no doubt that this pulling together has helped to produce the many excellent results we see today. We have been deeply impressed by the maturity, resilience and calmness shown since March 2020. The pupils now fully deserve the school’s congratulations and I am sure that, in turn, they will want to show gratitude to teachers and families for what they have done to provide support in recent months.

We hope there will be appropriate celebration today and enjoyment of the rest of the holiday. We shall look forward to welcoming the pupils to the 6th Form at the start of September.