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Senior School news

GCSE Results 2020

20 August 2020

We have most been impressed by the optimism and perseverance of this GCSE cohort in the face of twin adversities: the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of the summer 2020 examination series.


Amid political and administrative turmoil, the school continues to concentrate on what is important at this point of the examination cycle: supporting individuals so that they can make good choices in order to make the most of the Sixth Form. The school’s advice from the end of last term remains to concentrate on opening up the practical next steps.


In terms of the overall cohort position, we already know that there have been some fantastic performances over the GCSE courses.


For example:

  • 17 pupils have got 10 or more 8s/9s;
  • A further 14 have got 9 or more 8s/9s.


However, such is the wider turbulence at the moment that we are not going to release cumulative totals at this point. There will be time enough for data analysis; the priority now is on individual stories and ensuring that each one of our young people is appropriately looked after.


The Head Master, Steffan Griffiths, commented, “The school is very proud of its 19/20 GCSE cohort. They have had to put up with a great deal but can now reflect with satisfaction on the successful navigation of their courses, appropriately rewarded by the teachers who know them best. We now look forward to welcoming them back to Cathedral Close as the new L6 and sharing what I am sure will be a most exciting 6th Form journey”.