Senior School news

Gather 24 Celebrations an Explosion of Creative Talent

08 July 2024

As the academic year draws to a close, we can look back on the last 3 weeks of the Gather festival with great pride in all that has been achieved. 

This 3-week festival is a jewel in the school’s crown for performing arts and places creativity and performance at the forefront of school-life. This year we have been treated to some truly exceptional individual and collective performances. 

We have enjoyed two superb musical productions; the first, Annie, for pupils in the Fourth Form was pupil-led with Jacob Stevenson and Cleo Gregory working  hard to direct a talented cast of performers in a superb show.  The Inters Musical, Little Shop of Horrors was an absolute treat with incredible singing, acting and stage presence alongside a fantastic over-sized model of Audrey II.  

The Music Department have run a broad spectrum of events including Bandfest, performances from Senior Jazz band and both male and female voice choirs at the Royal Norfolk Show. They also put on a superb summer spectacular concert and a beautiful Making Musicians Recital.   

In addition, the creative arts have made significant contributions with a wonderful exhibition in the Forum and a truly memorable fashion show organised through the Charities Committee.  

In the final week of term, we were treated to two simply stunning shows. The Senior production of The Great Gatsby was exceptional; a truly immersive play with some remarkable individual performances from a hugely talented cast. While on Wednesday evening a bumper crowd of 800 watched the annual Gala Night. As ever, it did not disappoint, and a record-breaking crowd were wowed by a showcase of the year’s highlights intermingled with some new and original performances. 

In the final 24 hours of term there was time for one more event with the ever-beautiful Choral Vigil, an exquisite way to end the school year and a chance to reflect at all the amazing shows, performances and displays we have enjoyed over the course of the last 3 weeks.