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Senior School news

Fourth Form Play - 'It Couldn't Be Done'

19 October 2020

This half term, a group of talented L4s and U4s created a series of short performances based off famous poems in this half term's 4th Form play of 'It Couldn't Be Done'.

Ranging from Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky to Walter de La Mare's The Listeners, the performances covered a wide range of talent and drama skills. The cast brought their own imaginative ideas to the pieces and have created some incredibly compelling characters. A special mention should go to Jack Paterson, who stepped in at the last minute to perform as Traveller in The Listeners. 

A massive congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to create a such a diverse series of performances, particularly in these fairly challenging times. 

Photos from the dress rehearsal are now available on ShootProof. All proceeds will be donated to local theatre charities, as we now, more than ever, need to support the arts. 

The poems that were performed were:

  • Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (L4)
  • The Three Little Pigs by Roald Dahl  (L4)
  • From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson  (L4) 
  • The Listeners by Walter de La Mare (U4) 
  • My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson (U4)

You can view the filmed production here


Cast list:

Minnie Andrews (L4)

Magnus Valpied (L4)

Arnav Prabhu (L4)

Benji Stevenson (L4)

Adara Gurney (L4)

Amelia Holdcroft (L4)

Isaac Latter Casas (L4)

Sam Parretti (L4)

Dejon Manyeza (L4)

Arnie Sykes (L4)

Beth Stevens (L4)

Zara Mace (L4)

Jasper Valpied (L4)

Maya Riches (L4)

Jack Foreman (L4)

Kalpaj Aryal (L4)

Zoe Delicata (L4)

Darcy Wilkins (U4)

Lizzie Henson (U4)

Finlay Morgans (U4)

Will Clarke (U4)

Isio Emore (U4)

Archie Wilkins (U4)

Josie Dixon (U4)

Rose Cook (U4)

Ansh Thakur (U4)

Jack Paterson (U4)

Henry Lee (U4)

Max Stone (U4)