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Senior School news

Fourth Form Enjoy a Week of Adventures at Hautbois House

12 October 2021

Last week, Fourth Form enjoyed a week of activities at Hautbois House Activity Centre. This is the first residential trip of the year for the year group and was an excellent chance to strengthen existing friendships and build new ones, particularly for Lower 4 pupils who have recently joined the Senior School.

Houses attended in pairs: Brooke and Coke, Repton and Valpy, Nelson and School, Parker and Seagrim. Pupils each had two days at the activity centre, meaning they were able to stay overnight and enjoy the traditional Hautbois House activity of marshmallows around the campfire in the evening!

During the day, pupils got stuck into a range of exciting activities, including canoeing, raft building, zipwire, shelter building, crate stacking, orienteering and the climbing wall.

Head of Fourth Form, Cheryl Wood, commented: "It was wonderful to watch pupils having fun, making connections with one another, and heart-warming to see the support and care that they had for each other which enabled individuals to push themselves to try an activity they might otherwise have shied away from. We came away with high opinions of them as a year group, feeling really proud of them all."

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