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Senior School news

Fourth Form artists respond to the history surrounding the Undercroft Gallery

22 May 2020

Fourth Form pupils have been producing a piece of creative independent artwork at home this term. Pupils were asked to produce a piece of artwork that makes a response to the history surrounding the Undercroft Gallery, in Norwich based on one of three themes:

The Old Fish Market, Norwich

The options included:

  • The Old Fish Market, Norwich (a large fish market existed for seven centuries near city hall);
  • Speaking out (in the 1930s, during a market rebuild a place popped up for people to share political views, they were shouted from the south west corner of the market;
  • Option 3 - Pinner’s bone, (also in the 1930s an object was found from the 1400s during excavations. It was a small bone object made by someone called a Pinner. They would have used it to sharpen the pins they made for sewing and tailoring.)

Pupils could choose to produce their piece using any choice of medium.

Here are some of the fantastic artworks created in response.


Barnaby karlson-Evans.jpg
Mollie Stephens U4R.jpg
Sam Hosking U4P.jpg
Max Vinall U4R.jpg
Antoine Leggett.png
Isabella Kirby U4C.jpg
Louise Lockhart-SMith.jpg
Benjamin Hawes U4P.jpg
Jessica Wright U4S.jpg
Berrienna Ward.jpeg
Deeran Jeyapragash.jpg
Edward Tremelling U4C.jpg
Beatrice Wells.jpeg
Alexander CheongL4.png
James CunninghamL4.jpg
Kyriel FynnL4.jpg
Rachel DeanL4.png
Ben Grittiths fishL4.jpeg
Jacob FlewinL4.png
Isio EmoreL4.jpg
Billy TrevettL4.jpg