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Senior School news

Fourth Form begin virtual German exchange

05 October 2020

Our German Department have an exciting new exchange programme set up with a school in Gelnhausen, Germany.

While pupils are currently unable to travel to Germany for an exchange trip as usual, this year pupils will take part in a virtual exchange with Grimmelshausen Gymnasium. This exchange is beginning with L4 and U4 and will eventually also include M5.

The virtual exchange will begin with physical letters and photos. They will also do gifts and cards for Christmas, along with virtual whole-class Teams meetings and introductions.

This virtual communication will allow pupils to improve their German while also establishing solid friendships. The idea is that by L5/M5 the pupils will have solid friendships in place and will then be able to eventually meet their new friends in person on a visit or exchange.

Our L4 classes have already started to write their first letters to their new German exchange partners in Gelnhausen and are looking forward to getting to know them better in the following months!