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Exceptional Results from Middle 5 in the Junior Physics Challenge

27 June 2024

13 Middle 5 pupils recently participated in the Junior Physics Challenge of the British Physics Olympiad alongside 14,000 other Year 10 pupils from 280 schools across the UK.

It consisted of an assortment of physics problems and ideas ranging from technical questions from beyond the scope of the GCSE curriculum, to questions testing pupil understanding of broader physics knowledge and the application of the subject outside of school, including the latest developments in the sphere of physics publicised in the media and scientific journals.

I am delighted to announce that our candidates achieved the following exceptional results:


Julian Pe                 Gold

Maya Riches             Gold

Dejon Manyeza          Gold

Jasmine Sargeant        Gold

Kort Tsui                Gold

Martha Ramsay-Breslin   Gold

Sanjit Alanoor             Silver

Ava Yassin              Silver

Kirti Suhas               Silver

Joseph Hawkes          Silver

Olivia Goel               Silver

James Howard           Silver

Shirley Yung             Bronze