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Senior School news

Excellent A level results for pupils at Norwich School

15 August 2019

Success rates: A* = 22%, A*- A = 59%, A*- B = 86%
1 pupil with 4 A*; 13 pupils with 3 A* or better; 59 pupils with 3 A or better


Sixth Formers at Norwich School are celebrating strong A level grades today, with almost 60% of all grades at A*-A. There have also been some outstanding individual achievements: one candidate secured four A* grades, 13 pupils received at least 3 A*s and 59 pupils achieved at least 3 As.

Head Master, Steffan Griffiths, commented, “Behind the excellent headline figures for the cohort of 60% A*-A and 86% A*-B are many terrific individual performances. Norwich School tries hard to tailor opportunities and customise support for each pupil and family to help them on their particular journey. It is therefore wonderful to see our leavers now being rewarded with results which open up their preferred ongoing destination. I am thrilled for them and their hard-working teachers, offering heartfelt congratulations to all.”

Many of the pupils have also been involved in extra-curricular activities during their time at the school, enabling them to complement their academic programme with a meaningful contribution to the community in areas such as outreach work, sport, music and the arts.

Craig Hooper, Head of Sixth Form, said, “It is important that these results should not be taken in isolation. They are part of a young person’s holistic educational journey: in many cases our pupils have achieved strong academic results alongside busy lives outside the classroom or by overcoming adversity. We are proud of the young adults they have become during their time with us and wish them well for the next stage of their lives.”

Congratulations to all of our Upper Sixth leavers on their results.