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Senior School news

D of E Gold Qualifying Expedition, Yorkshire Dales

30 October 2017

October half-term saw 25 U6 students walk 85 km around a wet and windy Yorkshire Dales to complete their Gold DofE qualifying expedition.

Harriet Watts (U6E), Matilda Warde-Aldam (U6V) and Dora Hannyngton (U6R) wrote:

We thoroughly enjoyed it despite gale force winds and steady rain. We overcame the difficulties presented by this wild terrain, including hopping across the moor where the path had disappeared. This was through a combination of resilient efforts, evidenced by one person carrying two bags when someone else couldn’t carry theirs. The highlights included a luxury campsite with a shower on the last night and strengthened friendships from the long days of walking. We have come out of the whole journey all the way from Bronze feeling like DofE is a co-curricular option we would definitely choose again.