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Senior School news

Conference Model Diplomacy Society: Year in Review

30 April 2018

The Conference model diplomacy society is now in its third year at Norwich School.  This year saw the society attend their first overseas Model United Nations in Spain. The society also hosted their most successful Model Arctic Council yet, and enjoy a third time back to one of the biggest Model UN's in the UK.

In January, a delegation of 11 Norwich School pupils travelled to Colegio Ayalde in Bilbao, Spain, to attend the Bilbao Model United Nations. Representing Egypt were Ambassador Jack Ellis (U6E), and delegates Ed Alger (U6P), Tom Brandford (U6N), Tom Dewin (L6V), Josh Parriss-Hind (U6B) and Cameron Woodcock (U6E).  Representing Turkey were Ambassador Morgan Hardy (L6N), and delegates Jules Chan (U6B), Ellie Hipper (L6C) and Emily Holdcroft (L6C).

After the opening ceremonies were held in the debating chamber, of the Basque Parliament, Norwich School's delegation mixed three days of intense diplomatic meetings with sightseeing around Bilbao.  Norwich School pupils Ed Alger and Tom Brandford were recognised in particular for their excellent committee work at the conference.



















The following month, Norwich School played host, for the third year, to the world’s only stand-alone Model Arctic Council conference – NORMAC, or the Norwich Model Arctic Council (  Nearly 50 delegates from schools in the UK and Spain, and hailing from 14 different home countries around the world, came to Norwich School to simulate a cycle of meetings of the real Arctic Council.

Our conference was deftly managed by Secretary Ismay Whitaker (U6R), Deputy Secretary Charlie Austin (L6P) and Chief Rapporteur Morgan Hardy, assisted by Joshua Alderton (L6B), Artemis Apergi (L6R), Charlie Brownlow (U6C), Louis Cann (L6V), Jules Chan, Zain Hassan (L6V), Ellie Hipper, James Kettley (L6N), Nick Saunders (L6N) and Shreya Vulla (L6R).  This year’s NORMAC was the largest yet – and word is spreading, with some schools that haven’t attended before already registering for NORMAC 2019!



















Finally, at the end of Lent Term, a delegation of 7 Norwich School pupils travelled to Haileybury School in Hertfordshire to attend Haileybury Model UN. Representing Fiji were Ambassador Charlie Austin, and delegates James Cherry (L6B), Louis Cann, and Nick Saunders.  Representing Finland were Ambassador Benji Fischer (U5E), and delegates Arjun Kamath (U5B) and Rosy Valentine (U5B).

At Haileybury, our delegation mixed with over 600 pupils from over 20 countries around the world.  It’s a full-on weekend of diplomatic meetings, and Louis Cann emerged from the fray with a coveted ‘Distingushed Delegate’ award for his committee work.



















All in all—an excellent third year for Norwich School's model diplomacy society.  The society are currently planning their conferences and other activities for next year – so if you’re in the U5, L6 or U6, and you’re interested in Politics, International Relations, Diplomacy or the Arctic, do come along to their weekly meetings on Wednesdays, Period 5A, in Room E24.