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Classical Civilisation pupils finish their year as only they know how... with a Roman sacrifice

03 July 2024

M5 Classical Civilisation finished their year by re-enacting a Roman sacrifice which they have been studying as one part of their Myth and Religion paper. Despite the rain, the day was judged propitious by the Pontifex and so they purchased an unblemished sheep from the market.

After a very lively procession through the forum (the playground) to the accompaniment of music, the celebrants arrived at the altar before the temple of Mars. After gilding the horns of the animal and garlanding it, the Vestal Virgin sprinkled its head with mola salsa to bless it and poured a libation whilst the Pontifex lifted his hands in prayer to Mars Ultor, asking to beat Gresham's in their next match. The animal was stunned by the Popa, it's throat was slit whilst blood was poured on the altar (ketchup) and its thigh bones wrapped in fat was removed and placed upon the flames for the god to approve.

The celebrants then watched with bated breath while the Haruspex examined the liver of the animal for omens (happily a tasty swiss roll) before sharing out the meat of the animal (doughnuts) in a feast. A great afternoon was had by all in a fun way to revise what pupils have learnt.