Senior School news

Broadening Literary Horizons with the Carnegie Book Award Shadowing Programme

14 June 2024

Since March, our Upper Four pupils have been immersed in the Carnegie Book Award Shadowing Programme, working their way through the books on this year's Carnegie shortlist. This period of intense reading recently culminated in a vibrant discussion afternoon on Friday 14 June where the whole year group got together to share their insights and opinions on the shortlisted titles.

Throughout the programme, many pupils have engaged by writing some thoughtful reviews of the books the Carnegie website, reflecting their understanding and appreciation of the books they have read, and demonstrating their critical thinking and analytical skills.

After months of reading and reviewing, pupils cast their votes for their favourite book. "Crossing the Line" by Tia Fisher emerged as their top choice, with the remaining votes were spread fairly evenly across the other shortlisted books.

In a twist that few people in school saw coming, the official winner announced was "The Boy in the Tree" by Joseph Coelho. A separate Shadowers’ vote was in line with Norwich School’s views, and “Crossing the Line” won this award, voted for by pupils up and down the country.

The participation in the shadowing process overall has been excellent, with pupils engaging with books they might not otherwise have chosen, so that the experience ended up broadening their literary horizons and fostering a deeper appreciation of new genres and narratives.