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Senior School news

A Level Results 2020

13 August 2020

The restrictive effects of the coronavirus pandemic and cancellation of the summer 2020 examination series have meant that this year’s A Level cohort have had to put up with unprecedented disruption at a formative time of their lives. We have been so impressed by their resilience and dignity in the face of considerable adversity, not least the interruption to the rite of passage which should come with terminal examinations and end-of-school celebrations.


This situation has now been further complicated by the consideration of mock examinations in the A Level results process; it is nothing short of bewildering that we enter results day itself without a clear understanding of the circumstances in which mock results will be eligible for consideration and how they are to be incorporated in the wider system.


However, rather than being distracted by outside factors over which we do not have control, the school will concentrate on what is important at this point of the examination cycle: supporting individuals so that our leavers can go onto exciting, positive future routes. We already know that there have been some terrific performances over the two-year courses and many now have exciting pathways ahead of them. For example, to date:


  • 61 pupils have got 3 As or more;
  • 18 pupils have got three A* or more in subjects right across the Norwich School curriculum and from points of entry throughout the school, reflecting the supportive community which exists in Cathedral Close.


In terms of the overall cohort position, as a result of the current situation we do not feel that we have an accurate sense of the wider picture. We will therefore wait for further clarification from and dialogue with the awarding bodies before publishing cumulative totals, either by subject or cohort. The priority now is on securing individual onward routes and ensuring that each one of our young people is appropriately looked after.


We hope our leavers will be able to enjoy calm after an extraordinary period of time and perhaps some celebration (socially distanced, of course!). The school continues to be proud of the Class of 2020 and looks forward to gathering to celebrate in person when arrangements permit.