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Senior School news

A heist at Norwich School with Author Dave Rudden

12 February 2020

The endlessly talented author and performer Dave Rudden came to Norwich School on 12th February 2020 to lead an exciting creative writing workshop for Upper Four pupils.

Following an author talk, in which Dave spoke about his own experiences developing as a writer, offered advice, and read from one of the books in his Knights of the Borrowed Dark series, the entire year group became involved in planning a heist - on paper only of course.

Each English class broke into small groups and chose a genre and setting for their heist, devised characters, and – critically – planned a plot twist to add interest to their story. One group from each class presented their summary to the year group, and Dave added his own comments, encouragement and observations on their pieces.

From a Tombland confectionery-based heist, to an author-kidnapping, a secret keeper mystery plot and a celebrity-themed story, through dystopian, comic and historical genres (amongst others), a great deal of imagination and creativity was unleashed and a very memorable experience was had by all.