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Senior School news

34 pupils take part in 'Play in a Day'

07 February 2020

34 fourth form pupils took part in 'Play in a Day' on Wednesday 5th February in the Blake Studio.

Pupils were set the task of creating and performing a play in one day. Writers were given 1-word starting points and turned up with their scripts on the morning of the event - so actors and directors had only one day to rehearse.

The short plays were performed to a full house and ranged from drama, thriller and horror to comedy.

Mr Ballard commented "They did so well and I'm very proud of everyone who took part. The writing, direction and performances demonstrated everyone's hard-working ethic, teamwork enjoyment of the day."


PlayInADay_Feb 2020_HH021.JPG
PlayInADay_Feb 2020_HH024.JPG
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