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Senior School news

100 members of the 8th Norwich "Space-Scout" Group take part in a Virtual Space Camp

04 June 2020

100 members of the 8th Norwich "Space-Scout" Group took part in a Virtual Space Camp over half-term. Their Mission was to explore their cosmic garden and colonise any habitable land-mass with a star-base, which, to any untrained eye, also resembled a tent or a pile of blankets!

The Mission took 2 and sometimes, 3 earth-days. Its objectives included charting constellations and planetary systems; mapping Moon phases with the aid of Jaffa Cakes, performing a Moon-Walk and making space-cookies.  Outdoor survival techniques were also needed when cooking away from their star-base.

Well over 200 nights-under-the-stars were logged!

To prepare for their adventure the space-scouts also had the opportunity to interview a real astronaut and entrepreneur: Mark Shuttleworth, about space travel and life on other planets as well as Dr Ralph Cordey, who works for Airbus on unmanned planetary missions.

Space suits comprised mainly of silver foil hats (to stop aliens reading your mind!) and Darth Vader costumes.

All participants who completed at least two star-nights and cooked a space meal are awarded a unique "Glow in the Dark-Astronaut" badge to wear with pride on their uniform.

A photo montage has been created on YouTube: