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Norwich School Blog

Preparing for the future

Former Head of School, Livvy Rowe, shares her thoughts on her time at Norwich School....

Norwich School pupils involve themselves in exciting academic and extra-curricular projects, from Science Olympiads and Maths Challenges to the Young Norfolk Arts Festival and countless sports fixtures. I believe that it is this range of opportunities on offer that is one of the defining features of Norwich School.

As for the Upper Sixth, the support we were given to help us to prepare for our futures was second to none. Whether we wanted to apply to a particular university, organise a gap year or even get some work experience, our teachers were incredibly supportive and helpful, which is something I am very thankful for. Throughout our time at Norwich School, we learnt more than just how to pass an exam; we became a group of enthusiastic individuals with a clear set of life skills that will enable us to cope with anything life throws at us.

Having been at Norwich School since the age of 11, I was sad to leave. Walking past the Cathedral every day, dodging tennis balls in the playground and eating cookies every break time are definitely things I am going to miss. Nevertheless, taking on the role of Head of School was a real privilege and something that I will be forever grateful for. I have been able to tell so many people how incredible Norwich School is with the utmost sincerity, because I really could not imagine a better place to have spent the last 7 years of my life.

So, to the Upper Sixth, I wish you the best of luck with your respective futures. And to the rest of the student body, I implore you to make the most of this school, because time goes faster than you expect.

If you want to find out more about our Sixth Form, don't miss the Introduction to Sixth Form Evening on Tuesday 8th November, 4.30pm.