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Norwich School Blog

Open Day 2021 - A Collaboration Poem from Writers' Bloc

Pupils in our creative writing club, Writers' Bloc, invited visitors to write a line about their experience at Open Day. The lines were then arranged into a collaborative poem.


Today I saw..... 

hockey players heading off for a match  

(I hope I’ll get into a team) 

a science experiment 

a tent pitched on the lawn 

the light on the cathedral spire glowing in the morning sun  

a boat!  


Today I heard... 

the singing of the choir  

the sound of an orchestra 

the James Bond theme tune  


Today I liked... 

the school uniform 

how there is so much to see and learn 

the artwork  

the fabulous buildings 


Right now, I’m excited to.... 

try harder in maths 

go on trips 

be at big school 


Now I want to learn... 


more about computing 

about dinosaurs 


I wonder... 

what clubs I will join  

who my teachers will be 

what house I will be in 

will I come to Norwich School?