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Norwich School Blog

Norwich School Pupils Attend The UK's Largest Model United Nations

Dr Speca fills us in on a successful trip to Haileybury School for the Model Diplomacy Society:

On the first weekend of the Easter holiday, ten pupils from Norwich School travelled to Haileybury School in Hertfordshire to participate in the UK's largest Model United Nations conference.

Representing Canada were Ambassador Harriet Watts (L6E), and Delegates Tom Brandford (L6N), Guy Cranfield (U6R), Izzi Ferguson (U6R) and Nik Koch (U6P).  Representing South Africa were Ambassador Sri Vulla (L6R), and Delegates Tim Bishop (U6E), Lauren Reid Edwards (U6V), Gabi Smith (U6B) and Harriet Williams (U6B).

Our delegations played the Model UN game of persuasion and influence very well - alongside over 600 pupils from schools around the world, and across topics as diverse as Disarmament, Ecology and Environment, Society and Economics, and Geopolitics.  They saw two of their resolutions passed, and offered amendments to many others.

Special mention goes to Guy Cranfield, who was highly commended for his committee work, and to Tom Brandford and Gabi Smith, who were voted the coveted Distinguished Delegate award for theirs.

Overall, our Delegates had an even better conference this year than they did at their highly successful debut last year - and we all look forward to our third Haileybury experience in 2018.

If you're interested in politics, diplomacy or international affairs, and you'd like to get involved with Model UN, our model diplomacy society meets every Wednesday Period 5A in Dr Speca's classroom E24.  The society is open to U5 and above - but we're now planning for next year, so all interested M5 are also welcome.