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Norwich School Presents: We Will Rock You

In the run up to this year's school musical Morgan Hardy, who will play 'Madonna', gives a preview of what's in store. Tickets are still available from

This year Norwich School will perform We Will Rock You at The Playhouse theatre. Based on Queen's greatest hits, it is a fantastic opportunity to mix both song and dance into one stage show!

Although somewhat extra, a plot line does exist in which the cunning "Killer Queen," played by the devious Alice Beattie exterminates everything musical. Earth has been 'transmogrified' into Planet Mall, where everything is monotone, grey and dull. Everyone acts, speaks and goes about life in the same way. Brain dead people walking about in a haze. Everyone in this planet is much of a muchness, those who dare to be different are dealt with by the killer queen herself.

However hiding away in the depths of London city is a group of misfits! Bohemians desperate to "bring back rock and roll.' The bohemians have a slight problem; they are not really sure what rock is. So they devote their lives to scraps of magazines featuring singers and instrumentalists to give them some clue as to what rock actually is. In the meantime they wait for "the dreamer," they have heard about in their prophecy to restore rock once again.

In the musical I am playing "Madonna", a likeable character and the fashion guru of the bohemians. She's a diva and loves to find new styles for anyone joining the bohemian movement. As much as I enjoy the part, I have found maintaining the broad Glaswegian accent a 'wee' bit challenging. It has been said on occasion I sound more like a mad Irish woman than a Glaswegian hen. Madonna helps Saramouche find her inner rock using the power of dress.

My favourite few scenes so far are "A crazy little thing called love," as the bohemians really showcase their carefree 'let your hair down,' kind of attitude. This is a great contrast to the rest of the show in which everyone is indoctrinated, brainwashed and programmed. But moreover the song is complimented by the amazing duo of Megan Blair and Will Pierson, aka Britney Spears, that play their 'loved up' characters tremendously well, in a comical way, and yes you did read it correctly. Will is Britney!

Another highlight and one definitely not worth missing is where Kaggoshi, Killer Queens assistant, brain fries the bohemians for not explaining their knowledge of rock. She tortures them by electrocution and the characters endure the punishment because of their undying love of rock music. I know when you see the performance you will revel at the artistic mastery of the cast's electrocution faces - it really is a sight to see! A zapptastic scene!

One of the things that really makes the musical is the mix match of personalities. Saramouche and Galileo, both not comfortable in their own skins, come to terms with their relationship very slowly, and are slightly embarrassed and self conscience, whilst Meat and Britney are very flamboyant throughout the entire show.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the set, which sounds amazing. But, the real buzz is for the outlandish costumes everyone will be able to sport! I think this will just be the finishing touch to a series of spectacular individual performances. A line that resonates in my ears and that may stay with me for some time to come was that of Mrs Walton, the director, asking the whole cast: "Does anyone have or know of any severed heads I could borrow...." then pausing and after absorbing everyone's horrified expressions, quickly explained "for the wigs to go on of course!". Not something you hear every day at NS.

As well as Kai Miller, playing Galileo, leaning out of one of the music schools top windows singing "We are the champions," with a ukulele for the entirety of the cathedral close to hear. That's one way to promote the show I suppose!

With only a week or so to go I can't wait to see what the final performance looks like! The dancing is terrific and the singing is already pitch perfect! Now all that remains is to master doing them at the same time. Something, I'm told is essential for a musical!