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Norwich School Blog

Norwich School Consultative Committee

Do you know who the Norwich School Consultative Committee leaders are? In this blog pupils introduce themselves to the school community. 



Head: Esther Wiggins

Deputy: Emily Wallace

Hello, I am Esther. I am thrilled to being running the Academic subcommittee this year. Myself and Emily, who is the deputy of the committee, have been working hard to feedback points raised in our meetings to staff members. We have made adjustments to the rewards and sanctions system, the system where 6th form pupils tutor GCSE pupils and the observation system. Currently, we are looking into ways to appreciate the help and dedication from our teachers. If you have any ideas, send Emily or myself an email or come to one of our meetings.  Esther Wiggins


Facilities Subcommittee 

Head: Arjun Kamath

Deputy: Abi Hill

Hello, I’m Arjun and I am leading the facilities subcommittee this year. The issue of maintaining and working to improve the school’s facilities is incredibly crucial, as we need to sustain a healthy learning environment for all pupils so they can excel. Myself, Abi and the entire Facilities Committee aim to work towards fulfilling our role of shaping that environment, and we strongly believe that it is our duty as pupils to not sit by, but act and change things. We hope that this academic year will be of strong progress, and we look forward to make some significant change. Arjun Kamath


Food Subcommittee

Head: Amélie Hitchings

Deputy: Henry James

Hi everyone, I’m Amélie and this is my second year leading the food subcommittee. One thing I learnt last year is that constant feedback is the key to improving the food at Norwich School and I would like to look into introducing a weekly feedback system. Another goal for the year is to make food at the School as healthy as possible. It’s important to have a balanced healthy diet; it leads to better concentration levels and overall better health and wellbeing. I would like to work on menu options to ensure they are both healthy and enjoyable to every member of our community. Last year the food subcommittee worked hard to achieve the introduction of organic and local produce and we are teaming up with Norwich School Green Group to ensure our food is sustainable again this year. Water can be difficult to get hold of; particularly for filling up bottles and so the food subcommittee hopes to work closely with facilities committee to reduce this problem. Henry would really like to work on the sport packed lunches to ensure that the students, refectory and the sports department are all satisfied. Feel free to come along to our meetings and share any ideas. Amélie Hitchings



Head: Elliott Thompson

Deputy: Mia Bartram

This term Mia and I have been leading the sports committee and so far, we have had one meeting to discuss what our main ideas are. So far, we've had the idea to introduce a sports competition with the mentor family system. Another idea was to have more fixtures for minor sports and allowing younger years to have more freedom of choice for sports. Finally, we wanted to have more sports competitions in houses so that we can encourage a better house dynamic. The sports committee is determined to get as much freedom of sporting opportunity for all the year groups and hopefully seeing some student lead sports in the future. Elliott Thompson



Head: Ella Bartram

Deputy: Benji Fischer

Hi, my name's Benji, and I'm in L6. Our uniform is one of our recognisable features at Norwich School, and is something that affects us all in our daily lives. Although it's only one small part of our school day, it's what we have to look at every time we look around us on the playground, and what we have to wear to keep us warm and comfortable in the morning, so having a good uniform is very important when it comes to making our everyday lives better and creating a more enjoyable school experience. That's why this year, I'm aiming to make sure there's more clarification as to what's changed so that we all know what's going on. Something I'd also really like to achieve this year is bringing back the NS hoodie, as it just looks really cool and many people now no longer have the opportunity to get one. Benji Fischer


Blog Subcommittee

Head: Amélie Hitchings

Head: Esther Wiggins

Hi everyone, this year Esther and I are co-leading the Consultative Blog subcommittee which has been set up to communicate the consultative committee’s new achievements, plans and ideas with our community and find out your thoughts on daily school life. Come talk to Esther and I or send us an email if you have any new ideas or feedback for the consultative committee and the blog.  Amélie Hitchings