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Norwich School Blog

Mystery Plays Assembly

Hymn - Be thou my guardian: 27

Reading - Gen 3:1-6

Norwich School Chaplain, Mr Corin Child,  spoke in Cathedral Assembly on 27th April 2018. He was accompanied by the cast of the Mystery Plays. A 5th production of biblical stories, which will be performed in the school's Chapel on the 1st and 2nd May 2018. 

Mr Corin Child: How are you feeling this Friday; what sort of a week have you had? Has it been a good week or a difficult week? Have you had successes, or have you made mistakes?

One of the purposes of these Friday services is to take stock of the week and put it all in perspective, remembering that this moment is not the only moment, that whatever happened to us this week is part of a much bigger picture, a bigger story.

The cast of the Mystery Plays are going to remind us of the very first week ever, according to the Bible. Which was a really good week - according to most observers.

First extract of Mystery Plays performs:

Mr Corin Child: In one way it's surprising how the earliest stories of the Bible keep getting told. They are thousands of years old, and yet Mystery Plays are going through something of a revival at the moment, being performed by both religious and secular theatre companies.

The stories remain popular because they tell us something about human nature. The story of Adam and Eve is a good example. Everyone knows the human predicament of being pulled between what you should do and what you want to do. So the temptation of Adam and Eve is what we call an archetype - it is a universal human experience in the form of a story.

Over to the Mystery Players once again.

Second extract of Mystery Plays performs:

Mr Corin Child: Do come along and see the Mystery Plays - medieval style plays in our own medieval building, the school chapel. All of L4 get to watch the play during periods 7&8 this afternoon. Everyone else, you can get free tickets from Ticketsource for the evening performances on Monday and Tuesday.

Prayers (based on this morning's hymn)

Be thou my guardian and my guide, and hear me when I call.

Lord, we pray for this day's work, for its meetings, for its deadlines, for all the things that are on our minds this morning.

Let not my slippery footsteps slide, and hold me lest I fall.

Lord, be near to us when it is too easy to make bad choices, and give us strength when it is hard to do the right thing.

Do thou, O Lord, keep watch within, and save my soul from wrong.

Lord, we pray for our inner life that is hidden even from our friends and family. May there be more peace and trust within us; may there be less selfishness and caving in.

Though we come to you as fallen people, Lord, we pray that you would forgive us and raise us up. Amen.


In darkness and in light, in trouble and in joy,

help us, heavenly Father,

to trust your love, to serve your purpose, and to praise your name;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.