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Norwich School Blog

Moving on Up

In the final blog post of the term we hear from three of our Lower 4, the youngest year group in the senior school, on a variety of subjects. Alistair Wyllie (L4P) talks us through what a normal day for him is like, James Byrne (L4P) talks about his highlight of the term the L4 trip to Hautbois House, and Bertie Pinching (L4P) talks about one of his favourite aspects of Norwich School.

My day starts with a train, the Gt. Yarmouth - Norwich train. Amazingly it's only been late once and I know it takes me to possibly the most interesting history lesson in the world! Today I start with maths, we'll probably do algebraic equations - don't worry they're easier than they sound. Next is Latin. We're just doing the basics at the moment, but it's still fun! Then there's French, sadly interrupted by a saxophone lesson, then German, History (yippee) and lunch. Lunch is the best part of the day, flatbread with rice and beef too, yum, or maybe a veg pie with gravy, also yum, or even just soup and a few dessert pots (ssh!). Then we have games on the school's playing fields at Redmayne, then home time and that train...

Alistair Wyllie (L4P)

We all agree that our best part of the term so far has been Hautbois House! The activities ranged from raft building to orienteering and canoeing. My favourite part of was raft building because everyone either jumped in or was pushed and paddled into the freezing cold water. After raft building it was a race to the shower and then dinner. In the evening once we had eaten dinner we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows whilst telling ghost stories. After all that we went to bed. In the morning we ate breakfast and then went on the zip wire and the climbing wall. It was an amazing trip.

James Byrne (L4P)

This term all of the boys and girls in lower four have had lots of sports fixtures and everyone in lower four has loved these chances to represent the school. In sports lessons we cover lots of sports from rugby to cricket. Even people who don't have such a passion for sport enjoy representing the school and participating in games sessions. We all enjoy keeping fit and eating healthily, and we are all happy with the amount of time spent doing sport. Lots of people in my year enjoy the new speed and power sessions.

Bertie Pinching (L4P)