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Middle 5 Pupil, Adara Gurney, Shares Her Basketball Achievements

Norwich School celebrates the achievements of pupils from both in and outside of their school life. Middle 5 pupil, Adara Gurney is a very skilled basketball player and has also started coaching as well as officiating. She also received young official of the year at her Basketball Club Iceni for her coaching of their under 11s team. Recently, Adara was selected and represented Norfolk in regional under 15s England Basketball association tournament. Adara talks about her love of basketball below;

1) How long have you played Basketball?

I have played since I was six years old in the under 10 team.

2) Where did your love of Basketball begin?

My mum plays basketball with her friends which inspired me along with their daughters and we all play together. Also I watch the WNBA and NBA players play on tv.

3) What do you love about the sport? 

I love being part of a team which is like my second family. More specifically the skills needed to play the game from offense to defence.

4) What are the challenges of coaching Basketball?

The challenges are finding skills for everyone, especially at a younger age, the players are different levels so you have to test everyone which can be difficult. I also find controlling young kids and keeping them engaged is really difficult. 

5) How often do you play? Who do you play for?

I play four times a week usually. I play for 3 different teams; Norfolk Iceni basketball club in their under sixteen national league team, Wildcats ladies team in the local league and the Norfolk squad.

6) In what ways is playing different to coaching?

Playing focuses of the skills and set up of the games where as coaching you have to look at a whole team and aspects of the game from what play you want to use to which players are ok court and which need to go on.

7) What would you say to anyone who is considering coaching Basketball?

I would say definitely do it! It to inspires younger players to learn more about the game which could also better your understanding and playing of the game.

8) Do you have any future aspirations in Basketball?

I would like to coach a team in an older age group as they are more difficult and challenging. I would also love to get a scholarship for basketball in America.

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