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Norwich School Blog

Megan Conway creates Altar Fall for Norwich School Chapel

 Alter front by Megan Conway. Picture by Edward Chalmers. 

Christmas spirit in the school last term inspired Megan Conway (U6) to make this piece of work. School Chaplain, Reverend Corin Child, was so impressed by the work that it has stayed put right up until Candlemas at the beginning of February. Megan was keen for the Holly and Ivy, typically used around Christmas time, to play a large part in her design. 

The 'Altar Frontal' is a decorative piece of textile, but other mediums can be used such as metalwork or woodwork. Megan used a mixture of techniques in her own design, including embroidery.

The process took Megan around 6-8 weeks to complete as she hadn't created anything like this before. Usually Megan is interested in using different artistic approaches such as printing, by hand and digitally, as well as beading. Megan's advice to anyone who would like to create something like this would be to be patient, as it takes a lot of time and effort as well as lots of trial and error.  

Megan has so far got two offers for University to study Textiles. She has a unconditional offer from Nottingham Trent University and a conditional offer from Chelsea College of Art.

 Megan Conway & Mrs Ravenscroft by the Alter front.  Picture by Edward Chalmers.   Megan Conway by the Alter front she created.  Picture by Edward Chalmers.