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Norwich School Blog

Laughter. A Poem by Mohid Sandhu in L4

The poem below was written by Mohid Sandhu in L4. An uplifting piece to make us smile during these unusual times:



Merrily enters the room. 

The sparkling hazel eyes, 

Bringing joy wherever they’re seen. 

A backpack labelled laughter, 

That gets carried everywhere. 

Excitement, landing on frowns and tears, 

Turning them into huge, jolly smiles. 

As important as the heart. 

It is never forgotten. 

With breath like strawberries and cream, 

And touch as soft and gentle as marshmallows. 

Sings beautifully like the green scenery. 

A voice as kind, caring and comforting, as lying in sand. 

It runs and skips from one person to another, 

Playfully and actively. 

It is fun to have,  

whether it’s there for a short or long time. 

It’s just like its siblings, 

Chuckle, snigger and grin. 

It says, with its warming voice, 

“I leave happiness wherever I go.”