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Kirti (U4) on her Ethelbert Society Presentation

Kirti, a pupil in U4, recently had the opportunity to present at Ethelbert Society, an academic society open to all pupils in Lower 4, Upper 4 and Lower 5 with curious minds. She shared her experience with us:

Hi my name is Kirti and I go to Ethelbert Society.

Ethelbert Society is an academic society where each week a pupil creates and delivers a presentation on any topic they are interested in, eg. economics, chess, architecture or science. This is then followed by thought-provoking discussion and debate.

I recently presented on dreams and why we have dreams to the members of Ethelbert Society, and to some Academic Scholars joining next year.

This was really beneficial to me as it gave me a chance to lead discussion and practice my public speaking skills.

Ethelbert Society is always very interesting and you can always go there for stimulating conversation.