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Norwich School Blog

Informative visit to Norfolk Skills and Careers Fair for L5 pupils

Kyden Seed-Adams (L5) reflects on a recent trip to the Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival:


"The visit to the careers fair broadened my ideas of opportunities for the future, from becoming a technical engineer to joining the Army.


"I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and learning about them more and what their career ideals were, this helped because I could relate to more people because of the ideas. I for one, thought I was the only one who wanted to join the army, but because of our visit to the careers fair, I found out that lots of people are considering it.


"This trip really broadened more horizons for the future, as I can now become an officer, or a policeman, or even a vet. So if you really have no idea of what you want to be when you are older then I recommend it to you greatly, and even if you have a rough idea then it will enhance your knowledge of your future career."