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Norwich School Blog

Heading to university... as offers of places to university come in, we hear what's next for some of our Upper 6

2nd February 2015

Norwich School pupils are celebrating after receiving offers to study at their chosen universities for 2015. With 21 pupils securing offers to Oxbridge and a strong year for Russell Group university places, this success is testament to their hard work throughout their school careers. We hear from a few of the Upper 6 about where they are hoping to be heading next year...

Alice Guest (U6R)

I have an open offer from Oxford University to study History next year. I chose to study History because I love the possibility of learning something that has significantly influenced today's society. The course at Oxford also looks very interesting as it offers topics that I have not studied before. I'm currently studying history, chemistry and further maths and I completed my maths A2 last year.

I'm extremely happy about getting an offer to Oxford because all the hard work has paid off! I'm really grateful to Mr Plater and Mr Grant who both helped me to prepare for the History Aptitude Test and the interview. Also, all the interview practice the school has given me over the years made my interview a far less daunting experience.

In terms of the future... at the moment, I think I would like to go into business, specifically management consultancy.

Jack Long-Martinez (U6N)

I have received offers from Cambridge (Human, Social and Political Sciences), Durham (Politics), Warwick (Politics and International Studies) and York (Politics with International Relations).

I chose to apply for these subjects as I have always been a keen follower of current affairs; as a result, from relatively early age I've been interested in the politics of both Britain and the wider world. This interest in the political universe has only grown since I took the decision to study the subject of politics at A-level; a combination of a fascinating course and an infectious passion for the subject on the part of my teachers has made me want to continue my study of the discipline to undergraduate level and beyond.

In U6 I am currently studying Politics, Economics, English Literature and Spanish, having completed my Mathematics A-level last year.

I am really pleased to have received offers from these universities, and I am excited at the prospect of being able to study a subject in which I have a real interest, at a top institution. Of course, I'm also very keen to now work as hard as I possibly can to meet the offers I have been given.

My politics teachers (Mr Watts and Mr Bateman) have given me brilliant subject-based support, and I am very grateful to those members of staff who were involved in guiding my year group through the rather complex and drawn out UCAS application process (particular mention must go to Mr McIvor for his invaluable assistance in the polishing of my personal statement). The huge range of opportunities I have had access to during my time here including my appointment as deputy head of school and my involvement in the young enterprise and community service schemes, were hugely enjoyable and formed central aspects of my university application.

Thinking ahead to after university, as of this moment I am still exploring what direction I would like to take with regards to careers, although work in the civil service (particularly the foreign office) or in diplomacy is certainly appealing.

Ben Crane (U6R)

I have offers from Bristol, Durham, Exeter and Southampton to study Biology. Biology appeals to me because I find it genuinely fascinating, from the intricate workings of the cell to the functioning of vast ecosystems. Biology is also becoming increasingly important in areas such as medicine, agriculture and conservation, and will be essential in dealing with the major issues of the 21st century. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography at A level.

It's very exciting and I am very pleased with my offers, particularly those from Bristol and Durham which were the most appealing to me. The school was very supportive throughout the application process - particularly Mr. McIvor who helped me develop a strong personal statement, and Mr. Gent and Mr. Fisher who helped me prepare for my Biology interviews.

My participation in several school musicals and plays, as well as my membership in the chapel choir, were very useful in showing my strengthens away from academia on my personal statement, whilst the conservation work I did in the community service programme supported a Biology application very well.

I am not yet sure what I would do after university; I would like to follow Biology as far as I can and possibly pursue it as a career. However, I see it as a strong degree with transferable skills that would allow me to diversify post-university should I wish to.

Freddie Briscoe (U6B)

I have received offers to study Engineering at Cambridge and Design Engineering at Imperial College London. The practical application of maths drew me to Engineering - I love how calculations can be used to create buildings, machines and artefacts. I'm currently studying Further Maths, Physics and 3D Design at A2 level.

I felt ecstatic when I received my offers!  It's amazing to be offered the opportunity to study at these prestigious universities!

The interview preparation sessions at school were incredibly useful. In particular, Mr Ashton and Dr Venables really helped in preparing me for the interviews with challenging work and questions! Furthermore my 3D design project work was really beneficial for my applications.

Prakrit Kumar (U6P)

I was really glad to receive offers from both Birmingham to study Medicine and Newcastle to read Biomedical Sciences, and finally realising that my hard work has paid off.

I have chosen to do Medicine because I feel I will be in the position to apply my scientific knowledge to help others. The opportunities provided by the school has not only supported me in my decision to do Medicine but has exposed me to the caring and empathetic side of the field. From the weekly community service programme, where I aid the elderly with simple tasks, to the educative lectures that happen each week, I gained an in-depth understanding of Medicine as a career.

My current education at Norwich School has widened my knowledge and laid the foundations for my career in medicine; from the specific synapse reactions in Biology to MRI applications in Physics. I don't think that I couldn't have got to this stage without the continual support from the school throughout the UCAS procedure, from achieving the grades I need, through deciding which universities were for me, to personal statement assistance and interview practice.

Alex Little (U6N)

I have received an offer to read music at Merton College, Oxford, together with an organ scholarship. I have also received offers from Durham and Manchester. I have always wanted to read music - it is a subject with which I have a connection to like no other. It is the only subject which I could see myself being involved in for the rest of my life. I am immensely excited to have a received a place at Merton College. To combine this with the opportunity to accompany regularly one of the top collegiate choirs in the country is an amazing privilege.

As well as Music, I am currently studying Physics and English at school which is quite an unusual combination! Last year I did Further Maths in addition to this. Music is a wide big subject, and I am yet to decide a specific direction that I want to go in: I am hoping that three years at university will help me make that decision! Currently, I am most interested in the idea of conducting or composing, but I also like the idea of academic research.

The varied music scene at the school has helped a huge amount for me: the opportunity to play the organ two or three times a week in cathedral assemblies, accompanying the Chapel choir helped immensely towards my application. Mr. McIvor was also a great aide in helping me complete the complicated organ scholarship application procedure.