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Norwich School Blog

Ellery Francis (L4): My Time as a Chorister

Ellery Francis (L4) recently completed his time as a Norwich Cathedral Chorister after serving as a Chorister in the Lower and Senior School. Norwich Cathedral Choir enjoys a national and international reputation, singing daily choral services in the Cathedral. In this blog, Ellery reflects on his time with the Cathedral Choir and some of his favourite memories:

 "So, how do I start? Well, at first when I joined the Cathedral Choir I had no idea how much commitment it was going to take or how much fun it was going to be. The first day going up the stairs to Song School was also my first day at Norwich School and I felt both nervous and excited. Mrs Whiting and Mr Grote both made me feel like I was joining a new family with Mrs Whiting even combing my hair before services. I loved singing at some of the larger services like those at Easter, harvest, Christmas, and in London, but especially the enthronement of the new Bishop which most choristers will not get to experience. Despite Covid making it harder to see members of my choir family, we still got together on Zoom meetings – even getting to meet the famous composer John Rutter, and Prince Edward. I will miss my choir family and singing, but have recently joined Norwich School's Chapel Choir so I can continue my love of choral music."


Photo credit Bill Smith