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Crypt Gallery Review: Sketch for Survival

At the end of September the school was delighted to host the Sketch for Survival exhibition in our very own Crypt Gallery below the Norwich School Chapel. The exhibition, organised by the Real Africa Trust, aimed to raise awareness about the threats to iconic species in Africa, as well as raise funds for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Animals Saving Animals charities. The collection of over 150 pieces included work from leading international wildlife artists, such as Katy Jade Dobson and Tom Lazic, as well as celebrities including Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry and cricketer Kevin Peterson. Having visited Norwich, London and Bristol the pieces will be displayed during the Explorers against Extinction event on the evening of the 12th October at the Royal Geographical Society. Each piece is being auctioned to raise profits for the two charities.

While the exhibition was in the Crypt Gallery, Lower 6 Art Scholar Will Wistow wrote the below review of the pieces on show:

The "Sketch for Survival" exhibition which took place in the Crypt Gallery at Norwich School on the 23rd September was an impressive sight indeed. The considerable number of artists and celebrities, from all different aspects of life, who contributed work to the exhibition was overwhelming.  It was, indeed, a moving experience to witness such a diverse collection of styles.

 Work by Katy Jade Dobson

All the images depicted animals in danger of extinction, with the proceeds of the show supporting conservation efforts for lions, rhinos and elephants. Every piece in this show gives thought to what we gain from these beautiful animals and what we risk to lose: there were heart-warming illustrations from artists such as Gabriel Alborozo and Lucy Cox, whose child-friendly approach brings back the wonder and joy learning about these magical creatures provokes; and there was the astonishing realism in the drawings by Susan Shimeld and Clive Meredith. And then there were the Paul Fearne pieces, whose fascinating technique of carefully eroding rust from metal sheets created an interesting new format to display images and textures. 

 Work by Stephen Fry

Just as the skill of the artists is to be admired, so is the astonishing generosity from celebrities. From presenters to authors, filmmakers to conservationists, all sorts of prominent figures supported the venture by creating a work of art, with the brief of contributing a 10-minute drawing or painting. A lot of these showed real artistic prowess. The delicate brushstrokes of Dame Judi Dench's watercolour landscape brought a lovely gentleness to the rooms, while the elegant marks of Stephen Fry's line drawing of a rhino reflected on the its graceful form.

 Work by Kevin Peterson

Of course the main reason for this gallery is not just to admire the wonderful artwork on show, but to raise the vital funds and awareness needed to save these beautiful creatures, which are being quickly wiped from the face of this earth by poachers and loss of habitat. All the proceeds from this gallery are being split between the 'David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust' and 'Animals Saving Animals' who are making it their mission to stop this. Their aim is to ensure that it is not just drawings that remain in 50 years' time.

If you wish to find out more about the gallery/auction and how you can contribute to the charities visit: