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Behind the Scenes - Meet the Mandarin Chinese Language Assistant, Miss Yuejun Chi

As part of our new blog series, Behind the Scenes, we have decided to interview Norwich School's Language Assistants to get a sense of their role in the everyday working's of the School. Below Meet, Mandarin Chinese Language Assistant, Miss Yuejun Chi, answers the following questions...

How long have you worked at Norwich School?

I came to Norwich School in October 2023. Due to visa issues, I arrived two months later than Jonas and Anna.

What does your role at Norwich School involve?

I am a Chinese language teaching assistant at Norwich School. My role involves collaborating with Jing to deliver mandarin lesson and I assisted L6 and U6 students in preparing for their A-level Chinese exams. Additionally, I organized Language Club activities for lower school pupils, hosting more than 20 cultural events to immerse them in the joy of Chinese language and culture. Together, we engaged in activities like paper cutting, calligraphy, and discussions about Chinese traditions.

What attracted you to the role?

What attracted me to the role was my passion for teaching Chinese and sharing my culture with others. The opportunity to work at Norwich School allows me to engage with students who are enthusiastic about learning Chinese, and to contribute to their understanding of the language and culture. Additionally, the collaborative environment with other teachers, like Jing, Humphrey, Vicky, Lucy. Especially my mentor Jing, she is a super lovely person, always encourage me and inspire me. I really want to be the teacher like her. Norwich School provides a great platform for professional growth and development in my teaching career.

What does the day-to-day life of a language assistant look like?

As a language assistant, my day-to-day life involves a variety of tasks and responsibilities aimed at supporting students in their language learning journey. A typical day includes:

Lesson Preparation and Delivery: Collaborating with the lead teacher, Jing, to plan and deliver engaging lessons that cover different aspects of the Chinese language, mostly for speaking.

Pupil Support: Providing one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions for L6 and U6 students to help them prepare for their A-level Chinese exams. This often involves explaining complex grammar points, practicing conversation skills, and reviewing past exam papers.

Cultural Activities: Organizing and participating in cultural activities and events that help students immerse themselves in Chinese culture. During the Chinese New Year, we organized two school assemblies and activities such as dumpling-making, Chinese cuisine cooking lesson, and traditional costumes dressing.

What's your favourite part of your role?

My favourite part of my role as a language assistant is the opportunity to directly interact with pupils and witness their progress in learning Chinese. I find it incredibly rewarding to see students develop their language skills and gain confidence in speaking Chinese. Additionally, I enjoy sharing Chinese culture through various activities and discussions, which not only enriches the students' learning experience but also allows me to share a part of my heritage. The collaborative aspect of working with colleagues like Jing and the supportive environment at Norwich School also make my job enjoyable and fulfilling.

Is there anything you're looking forward to? 

At Norwich School, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the pupils I work with succeed in their A-level Chinese exams. Watching their progress and knowing that I have contributed to their academic achievements is incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, I am excited about the various cultural events and activities we have planned, which will give students a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. I also look forward to further professional development opportunities, collaborating with my colleagues, and continually improving my teaching skills in this supportive environment.

How else do you get involved with Norwich School life?

In addition to my responsibilities as a language assistant, I actively get involved in various aspects of Norwich School life. I participate in extracurricular activities, such as helping with the language Club in Lower School, where pupils can engage in activities like calligraphy, cooking traditional Chinese dishes, and learning about Chinese festivals. I also join in Scouts with Lower School pupils, learning a lots of useful skills. Furthermore, I enjoy attending school assemblies, sports events, and other community activities, which allow me to connect with students and staff outside the classroom and become a more integrated member of the school community.

8. Do you have any future aspirations? 

Firstly, I plan to return to China to complete my master's degree in Teaching Chinese to the speakers of other languages. After graduation, I aspire to work overseas. If possible, I would love to apply to return to the UK as a language teaching assistant or a formal Chinese teacher.

Below is a photo of the language assistants from Christmas.