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Norwich School Blog

Art and Design Community Service - with The Hall School

By Lexie Irving (L6N)

Bethany Morton and Ellie Webb (L6) are currently working on a project for their art and design community service - creating props for The Hall Special School Play. The current Upper Sixth are planning to perform the well-known tale of Goldilocks to the children, and the props are going to be passed around the audience while they are telling the story, as many of the children have sensory problems so having something to touch and feel is a great way to enhance the experience and performance for the children.

Ellie and Bethany had already met some of the children and staff at the school, and had got more information about how the props would be used, to get a further insight into sign language and to do further research into sensory products (and how to create a good one!)

Overall they agreed it had been a really great experience to meet the children, and to get more information about sign language and sensory communication. Bethany said 'It's really rewarding to know that our skills in art and design can be used in a way that is useful beyond our projects within school'.