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Norwich School Blog

3D Design pupils adapt to remote learning with ingenuity

Mr Cann, Art and Design teacher at Norwich School, writes about the resourcefulness of Norwich School pupils after a week of remote learning. 

"Following the news of nationwide school closures, naturally, our thoughts were on our pupils and specifically those within our subject. 3D Design, like just a few others, has been a subject which is heavily dependent on the practical workshop facilities we have in school. From industry-standard software and the laser cutter to the 100's of tools required within the jewellery and textile-based processes, to name but a few.

Continuing with a sense of normality seemed a challenge. However, we initially underestimated the resourcefulness of our pupils and their / our ability to find means of successfully working remotely and with the most part, limited facilities at home.

We have been enormously proud and impressed to see the range of disciplines our 3D design pupils have been able to adapt to at home. From photoshop visualisations of body adornment to garment making (Thank you Adobe for your generous opening up of the license), jewellery making, intricate architectural renders from Sketchup and even 3D printing, as pictured below.

Our pupils have risen to this greater challenge and continue to respond with ingenuity and an even greater sense of creative problem-solving in the face of adversity. We are incredibly proud of them and their willingness to continue as normal through immersing themselves and taking enjoyment from the creative process.

We look forward to continuing to support and guide them in part over the holidays and again fully next term."

U6 3D 4.jpeg
U5 3D 11.jpg
U6 3d 2.jpg
L6 3d 7.jpg
L6 3D 3.jpg
U5 3D 10.jpg
U5 3D 7.jpg
U5 3d 2.jpg
U5 3D 4 copy.jpg