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Lower School news

Upper Two's Escape Room Experience

11 November 2020

Upper Two had to work in a team and use their Math's skills to solve the escape room box! 

Monty;  “The escape room was fun. We were the first to get it open but didn’t win. Some of the questions were easy and some were hard but in end we all got the boxes open.” 

Charlie; “It was an amazing experience in the escape room. My favourite part was the morse code. It was very exciting because we wanted to do it as quick as possible so we could win. Sadly we lost but it wasn’t the end of the world. The winners did it in 51 minutes. We finished 1 second before the end of the session.” 

Nona;  "I thought that it was an incredible experience having the escape room people come to Norwich School. I enjoyed all the fun challenges and activities."