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Lower School news

Upper 3 Pupil Romily's Dali-inspired Artwork Features on National Website

01 July 2020

Upper Three pupil Romily has her Dali-inspired artwork featured on a national learning website. 

During the period of remote learning at the Lower School, our Upper Three were given the task of creating a piece of artwork based on the subject of surrealism. 

Romily created this vivid and distinctive image which has since been liked by over 3500 people on a Facebook group called 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas'.

Her mother has also been contacted by a lady who has requested permission to share it on her website called, a website created to connect, support and document people's time in lockdown. 

Romily was also offered the gift of a book on Salvador Dali in support of her inspiration by a stranger who had seen the work.

We are sure Romily's artistic talents will continue to grow as she moves to the Senior School!