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Lower School news

Upcoming Cathedral Choir Auditions

10 January 2022

Does your son or daughter love to sing? Could they have an exciting future as a Cathedral Chorister?

Norwich Cathedral are looking for talented boys and girls to join their Cathedral Choir in September 2022.

What they are looking for

In prospective choristers, they are looking for boys and girls who display:

  • A love of singing
  • A natural singing voice and good vocal tone
  • A good musical ear
  • An ability to respond and pick things up quickly
  • An ability to work well within a team
  • A sense of fun, energy and enthusiasm


There are places available for boys currently in school years 2 and 3 to start in September 2022. All boys receive generous scholarships worth approximately 50% of fees to attend Norwich School, located in the Cathedral Close. Bursaries are available so that no candidate is excluded on financial grounds.


There are places for girls who will be in Senior School from September 2022 (Year 6+, aged 11-18) to join the Cathedral Girls’ Choir. The girls’ choir is open to secondary school-aged girls from any school or college, and each girl receives a generous financial award intended to support their education and musical development. The girls meet on Tuesdays after school and on Saturday mornings, singing for various Sunday services throughout the year and at the major festivals of the year, as well as for concerts, recordings, broadcasts and tours.


Auditions last 15-20 minutes, in front of the Master of Music, The Canon Precentor, the Organist and a Chorister singing teacher. The experience is kept as informal and relaxed as possible, although they appreciate it can be nerve-wracking! The Cathedral will do all we can to put boys and girls at ease.

Boys and Girls should bring along one or two pieces to sing. This should be anything that they are comfortable with and can enjoy singing confidently. It could be a hymn, a Christmas Carol, a song they know from school, something they have worked on at home or with a teacher, or even a nursery rhyme. What they are trying to assess is their vocal potential, so what is most important is that they feel confident, not what they are singing. Please bring along a separate copy for the accompanist if possible – a temporary photocopy is perfectly acceptable and can be destroyed after use.

If boys and girls play an instrument, they are encouraged to bring it along to play, or piano music if applicable.

Children will do some simple vocal exercises and some aural tests, presented in a relaxed manner, to help ascertain their vocal and musical ability. They may also ask them to read aloud some text. For girls (who are older) They may ask them to attempt some simple sight-singing with the support of the piano.

Once the musical element of the audition is complete, Parents will be invited for a brief chat about what is involved in being a chorister and the commitment it requires from children and parents alike.

To book an audition

To arrange an audition, or if you have any queries or questions, please do contact Mrs Jo Dembicki:, tel: 01603 218315 (please note her working hours of 9.00am – 1.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).