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Lower School news

U3 Challenge Senior School STEMM Pupils with Tricky Science Questions!

18 March 2022

Several pupils taking part in the Youth STEMM Award recently took part in a lesson with U3 pupils, taking up the challenge to answer STEMM questions posed by the Lower School pupils. 

U3 did not disappoint with their questions: "Why do we get hiccups if we eat too quickly?", "Why don't birds get electrocuted when standing on power cables?", "Do siblings have similar fingerprints?".

The Senior School pupils then researched the answers and then presented their findings to the class before acting as demonstrators and supervisors in an exciting practical investigation about friction.

Discussing the event afterwards, YSA pupils shared the following:

"We enjoyed the event thoroughly, the lower school children had interesting questions, were polite and curious" - Mohid Sandhu (L5)

"It was great to answer these questions. The younger pupils showed lots of enthusiasm and interest in my answer to their question. I would happily do something like this again as it was clear how much we could help each other." - Uzair Athar (L5)

"The U3’s were far more interested in the presentations than I had anticipated. It was very nostalgic being back down at the lower school and I found it was exactly as friendly as I remembered it (although it all seemed a lot smaller!)." - Isabella Kirby (M5)