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Lower School news

Rhys Williams, from Wales has the rare skin condition, and Lucas in L3M decided to try and help cheer him up and offer support.

20 September 2019

Lucas in L3M asked to discuss an issue that he saw in the media and was affected by.

Rhys Williams, from Wales has the rare skin condition epidermolysis bullosa and wished that a 'butterfly would come and take him away'. His 14th birthday is on Saturday 21st September and his mum asked if children could send him birthday cards with positive messages:


Lucas asked if we could make him cards during form time, which the class agreed to. He is sending the cards off so that they will arrive in time for Rhys' birthday.

Images attached are L3M with their cards, and an example of some of the messages of encouragement offered by the class. Rhys has currently received over 10,000 cards, which we have continued to discuss in form time.