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Lower School news

Reggie and Hector Visit the Lower School

14 January 2019

Hector and Reggie visited the Lower School on Wednesday 9th January along with their owner Victoria Haddon and walking companion Emma Robertson, both of whom are Norwich School parents. 

Hector was born with his disability, and his owner discovered a manufacturer in America who could make a wheelchair just for Hector. We learned how he uses a wheelchair to move around and get himself and accomplice Reggie in to all sorts of scrapes. We heard too how a trail of hot sausages was used to teach Hector how to use his chair and how his subsequent confidence has seen him using the skate park at Eaton Park (and getting stuck there!).  Reggie has also got himself into trouble in Eaton Park, stealing a workman’s lunch and scoffing the sandwich before it could be retrieved!
Mrs Haddon’s book ‘Hector’s Wheels, The Adventures of a Remarkable Beagle’ is her first book and she will be returning later this term with copies for those children who would like to purchase a copy.

Dog Assembly

Dog Assembly