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Lower School news

Reception and Lower 1 Enjoy a Sunny Day at Holkham

22 March 2022

On Monday 21 March, Reception and Lower 1 set off on their adventure to Holkham Hall for the Farm to Fork experience.

The pupils started their trip on a tractor ride and seeing all the new baby lambs was a great way to start. The tractor then took us on a tour of the farming fields, learning about the different crops and what they turn into in our homes. The pupils enjoyed looking at an exciting range of animals within the grounds.

After a brief lunch and a lengthy trip to the gift shop, pupils enjoyed getting their hands messy in the walled garden, with some planting and scented potion-making and finishing the trip with ice cream wrapped up this wonderful day. 

PHOTO-2022-03-21-14-34-38 1.jpg
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