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Lower School news

Lower Two Experience the Stone Age

15 September 2020

Our Lower Two pupils enjoyed a visit by time-travellers, Twig and Memma, from the Stone Age, whose tent had mysteriously appeared on the Front Lawn.

Twig and Memma showed us how they used the plants and animals around them to live, including making string from grass; flutes, harpoons and needles from bones and  glue from resin. They revealed their beliefs and their secrets for hunting and gathering.

Our Lower Two's said;

"My favourite part was the tools - making them, using them, hearing about them - all of it!" Freddie

"I loved being able to help make a sewing needle using bone and flint" - Jake

"I wish I could live in the Stone Age all the time!" Ruan



Stone Age.jpg
Stone Age 1.jpg